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By | November 20, 2017

The Peshwa Bajirao is a tv show based on legendary history. Find its all cast from child artist to actresses real name with story detail. The Peshwa Bajirao is a tv show based on legendary history. Find its all cast from child artist to actresses real name with story detail. Many individuals are present all over the nation who possesses a strong affection towards watching TV series related to historical period drama. While talking about historical drams, the first and foremost Indian Hindi TV series which needs to be mentioned is none other than Peshwa Bajirao. The premiere of such a unique TV show was aired on 23rd January, 2017. Peshwa Bajirao TV series has been broadcasted on Sony TV. Such a show whose background is based on historical events has been created by extremely talented Nilanjana Purkayasstha. Sunjoy Waddhwa and Nilanjana Purkayasstha together proved to be efficient producers of Sony TV’s series Peshwa Bajirao. Viewers enjoyed a total number of one hundred and fifty one episodes and the production company was Sphere Origins.

Peshwa Bajirao

The broadcast of this series which has been based on famous Maratha Peshwa Bajirao I who was the ruler under Chhatrapati Shahu stopped on 21st August, 2017. Dedicated viewers used to keep themselves free from any other works on weekdays just for watching such a splendid TV show. The cast role and character name had quite similarity with the actual historical names. While discussing about casting members, the first name which needs appreciation is none other than Karan Suchak who played the main lead role of Bajirao I skillfully. Kashibai’s character was played by Ishita Ganguly, Megha Chakraborty expressed her exceptional talent and acting skills by screening the role of Mastani. Other casts include Saurabh Ghokhale (Chimaji Appa), Pallavi Joshi (Tarabai), Sameer Dharmadhikari (Chhatrapati Shahu), Manoj Chandila (Nasir Jung), Pankaj Berry (Krishnaji Bhatt), Madan Joshi (Raja Chhatrasal), Dolly Sohi (Ruhana Bai) and a lot more.


  • TV Serial Name: Peshwa Bajirao
  • Category: Historical Period Drama
  • Production House: Sphere Origins
  • Director:
  • Writer:
  • Cinematography:
  • Editor:
  • Telecast Channel: Sony TV
  • Shooting Location: Mumbai
  • Start Date: 23rd January 2017
  • Show Day: Monday to Friday
  • Show Time: 07:30 pm
  • Language: Hindi
  • Country: India
  • Title Song: Peshwa Bajirao mp3

Peshwa Bajirao Cast

Character Name Bajirao
Real Name Karan Suchak
Character Name Kashibai
Real Name Ishita Ganguly
Megha Chakraborty Character Name Mastani
Real Name Megha Chakraborty
 Saurabh Gokhale Character Name Chimaji Appa
Real Name Saurabh Gokhale
 Anuja Sathe Character Name Radhabai
Real Name Anuja Sathe
 Sameer Dharmadhikari Character Name Chhatrapati Shahu
Real Name Sameer Dharmadhikari
  Character Name Tarabai
Real Name Pallavi Joshi
 Ravindra Mankani Character Name Brahmanendra Swami
Real Name Ravindra Mankani
 Yuri Suri Character Name Qamar-ud-din Khan
Asif Jah
Real Name Yuri Suri
 Deepshikha Nagpal Character Name Zeenat-un-Nissa
Real Name Deepshikha Nagpal
 Manoj Chandila Character Name Nasir Jung
Real Name Manoj Chandila
 Sanjay Batra Character Name Dhanaji Jadhav
Real Name Sanjay Batra
 Amit Behl Character Name Shripadrao Pant Pratinidhi
Real Name Amit Behl
 Chetan Hansraj Character Name Muhammad Azam Shah
Real Name Chetan Hansraj
 Neetha Shetty Character Name Savitribai Bhosle
Real Name Neetha Shetty
  Character Name Krishnaji Bhatt
Real Name Pankaj Berry
 Shailesh Datar Character Name Mahadji Krishna Joshi
Real Name Shailesh Datar
  Character Name Chandrasen Jadhav
Real Name Kapil Arya
 Dolly Sohi Character Name Ruhana Bai
Real Name Dolly Sohi
 Dinesh Mehta Character Name Jagat Raj
Real Name Dinesh Mehta
 Madan Joshi Character Name Raja Chhatrasal
Real Name Madan Joshi
 Ekroop Bedi Character Name Bhiubai Ghorpade
Real Name Ekroop Bedi
  Character Name Balaji Vishwanath
Real Name Manish Wadhwa
 Rahul Singh Character Name Aurangzeb
Real Name Rahul Singh
  Character Name young Chimaji Appa
Real Name Ayaan Zubair Rahmani
  Character Name young Malhar Rao Holkar
Real Name Rushiraj Pawar
  Character Name young Chhatrapati Shahu
Real Name Nitin Prabhat
  Character Name Muhammad Kam Bakhsh
Real Name Sumit Kaul
  Character Name young Shivaji II
Real Name Pravisht Mishra

The young age of Bajirao I have been performed outstandingly by Rudra Soni and Rahul Singh came up with the character of Aurangzeb. Now, moving towards the brief idea about the plot of this TV series, viewers have watched the entire journey of Bajirao. The series clearly sketched Bajirao’s journey of becoming Peshwa and then into an excellent Maratha warrior who battled the Mughal empire. Few glimpses about his arranged marriage with his life partner Kashibai as well as his love marriage with beautiful Mastani has also been screened exclusively.

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