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By | November 18, 2017

The Bin Kuch Kahe is telecast on Zee TV. Find its all cast real name like Myra Kohli, Kabir, Abha, Akshay, Rhea, Nikhil, Aryan etc with director to writer detail. It was on 6th February, 2017 that this Indian TV show started to be broadcasted on ZEE TV. The slot time of 6:30 p.m. (IST) gained high TRP because of such a nice story which was aired on weekdays’. The main male and female lead roles have been proficiently played by Sameer Arora and Shamata Anchan respectively. But, such a popular TV series went off air from 18th August and another exclusive show named Bhootu replaced it. Bhootu is a horror show but is also attracting viewers successfully as it is the story of a baby ghost who is very cute, caring and innocent by nature.

Bin Kuch Kahe

Bin kuch kahe creative directors are Anindita Sinha and Srishti Trivedi. Satyam Tripathy is the writer of this particular series. The entire series has been shot at Zee Studio which is in Jaipur. Shamata Anchan played the role of Myra Kohli and Kabir Miranda’s role has been screened by Sameer Arora. Few other casts include Rashmi Somvanshi (Abha Kohli), Suzanne Bernert (Simone Miranda), Archana Mittal (Sudha Kohli), etc.

Tv Cast

  • TV Serial Name: Bin Kuch Kahe
  • Category: Drama, Romance
  • Production House:
  • Director: Anindita Sinha
  • Writer: Satyam Tripathy
  • Cinematography: Shanu Singh Rajput, Pappu Singh Rajput
  • Editor: Rochak Ahuja
  • Telecast Channel: Zee TV
  • Shooting Location: Jaipur
  • Start Date: 6th February 2017
  • Show Day: Monday to Friday
  • Show Time: 06:30 pm
  • Language: Hindi
  • Country: India
  • Title Song: Bin Kuch Kahe mp3

Bin Kuch Kahe Cast

Shamata Anchan Character Name Myra Kohli
Real Name Shamata Anchan
Sameer Arora Character Name Kabir Miranda
Real Name Sameer Arora
Rashmi Somvanshi Character Name Abha Kohli
Real Name Rashmi Somvanshi
 Nikhil Sabharwal Character Name Akshay Sharma
Real Name Nikhil Sabharwal
  Character Name Sandeepan Iyer
Real Name Bharat Sharma
  Character Name Vivek Shekhawat
Real Name Danish Hussain
 Archana Mittal Character Name Sudha Kohli
Real Name Archana Mittal
 Nirvana Sawhney Character Name Rhea Kohli
Real Name Nirvana Sawhney
 Shivam Sood Character Name Nikhil Sharma
Real Name Shivam Sood
  Character Name Mr. Sharma
Real Name Karan Pahuja
  Character Name Mrs. Sharma
Real Name Madhu Anand Chandhock
 Krish Chauhan Character Name Aryan Kohli
Real Name Krish Chauhan
 Suzanne Bernert Character Name Simone Miranda
Real Name Suzanne Bernert

The story is based on the lives of three sisters and all of them lived in one dysfunctional family. This soap opera began with the second sister, Rhea’s engagement with Nikhil. Abha, the eldest ran a canteen named Kohli canteen and the youngest, Myra’s dream was to be a famous journalist. Just after her sister’s wedding, Myra steps into Mumbai with her friends for a week after pleading her mom. The story started to progress slowly when she met Kabir, a charming and proficient international journalist in a bar.

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